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  1. Small nuclear reactor is first to get US safety approval
    1. The design comes from NuScale, a company birthed from research at Oregon State University that has received some substantial Department of Energy funding. It’s 23 meters by 5 meters capable of producing 50 megawatts of electricity. (The company also has a 60-megawatt
      iteration teed up.) They envision a plant employing up to 12 of these reactors in a large pool like those used in current nuclear plants.
  4. Sprinkhaan radio 15000.ton eten per dag 2mlrd

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Peter Debye (Maastricht, 1884 – 1966) kreeg de Nobelprijs voor de Chemie van 1936

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  • De Plexus choroideus, een schokkende functie!

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Koude Fusie in Kippen!!